Questions and Answers L'Halacha on Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual/Transgender Issues


It is my hope that this page will provide a resource for Jewish Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual/Transgender persons who are orthodox, or are moving in that direction to recieve detailed answers to halachic questions.

I will be posting answers to questions from various sources, including my own answers, as well as answers from poskim on questions of importance to our community.

I wish however to make absolutely clear that I take NO RESPONSIBILITY whatsoever for what is posted here with regards to halacha. I will review everything posted of course, and will mention who says this svora or psak. However, whatever I put down here is not to be taken at face value. Please read what is written carefully and look at the sources and only then decide if this applies to you.

When I publish my own Svoras L'halacha, I wish to make absolutely clear that this is NOT a psak. For those unfamiliar with the difference, a psak states this is the halacha (the law) and this is what you are allowed to do or not do. A svora on the other hand is strictly providing a possible way of looking at an issue. It is not intended to tell people this is definitely the law only that this may be a possible way to understand the law.

Other Piskei Halacha or Svoras L'halacha, are the responsibility of the author of them.

Thanks for visiting. Please come again and hatzlacha raba!

Questions and Answers L'Halacha

What are the options for a physical relationship between two Jewish gay men?: By: Kevin J. Sanders
Can a gay man halachically wear a tallit gadol or kittel?: By: Kevin J. Sanders
The Tzitz Eliezer on Transexuality: By: Beth Orens
Glossary of terms: By Ohr Somayach Interactive

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