Welcome to the GayJews.Org Chat Room

We've noticed that several of you have been attempting to make use of the chat room, but many times to little avail. The problem is that sometimes someone will drop by and try to use it, find no one home and leave, someone else drops by, doesn't find anyone and leaves, etc. Therefore, in order to help expedite use of the chat room, we've decided to offer a few suggestion on how to improve your chances of having somone to chat with.

(1)First and foremost, we've established chat hours. While you may use the chat room at any time you would like to, if we all stick to the specified chat hours, it is much more likely that we'll find someone there. Currently, chat hours are 10PM EST for the USA and 8PM Israel time for Israel and Western Europe. We will be more than happy to arrange chat hours for other geographic regions, or to change the reccomended hours if there are requests for such times.

(2)Secondly, have you considered inviting a friend to join you for a chat at a specified time? The two of can chat as long as you like and possibly be joined by others while you are in the chat room.

(3)Finally, we've established a special section of the forum where you can specify what you are interested in chatting about and when you will be available. You can post there or look for others who have posted there and find someone to talk to that way.

If you have any other suggestion, please do not hesitate to write us.

Happy Chatting! You may now enter the chat room.

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