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The Jerusalem Open House

One of the main things which the Jerusalem Open House is trying to make is a center in which everyone and every group will feel safe and comfortable.

Jerusalem, as a place with a large religious population has, I'm sure, also a large religious GLBT population. This population has difficulties in getting together and finding that they are not alone with their problems and difficulties. So, the Jerusalem Open House (this is the name of the Amuta and of the center) is trying to create a comfortable place for this group (as for other groups).

From our short experience (we only exist one year) one of the main problems is reaching this invisible crowd.

Most of the gay population (by gay I refer to the entire "GLBT community") is deep inside the closet and either doesn't know about us or is afraid to be in touch with us. So maybe the first thing that could be done is just spread the word about us so people will know about this project and maybe you or your group can be the go-between or the bridge for these people.

The next step should be establishing religious group(s) (gay, lesbian or mixed) and in this I think we can work together.

If you or somebody you know would like to establish the group, myself or other people from the J.O.H, can help the group with their needs.

If you want more information about the Jerusalem Open House or would like to help with starting a frum GLB group, you can contact them at:

The Jerusalem Open House P. O. Box 33107 Jerusalem 91037. Or click here.

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