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The Gay Jewish BookStore Online

Welcome to the Gay Jewish Bookstore Online. GayJews.Org has teemed up with Amazon.Com, the world's largest bookstore online and CD Now, the world largest Music/Video Store Online to bring you the world's first ever Gay Jewish BookStore Online. Here you can find all the titles you want. Including Twice Blessed: on Being Gay and Jewish, fictional novels like Winter Eyes, and even some non-Jewish titles like Accepting Your Gay and Lesbian Child. We also carry movies like the excellent Torch Song Trilogy . We've got them all here, and almost all with discounts of up to 20%-30%! Proceeds will be used to pay for the upkeep and improvement of GayJews.Org.

Check out some of our featured books:

Like Bread on a Seder Plate: Being Lesbian and Jewish: By Rebecca Alpert Our Price: $24.50.

Journeys and Arrivals: On Being Gay and Jewish : By Lev Raphael Our Price: $13.97. Save 30%.

Cravings: A Sensual Memoir : By Jyl Lynn Felman Our Price: $14.70. Save 30%.

The Mayor of Castro Street : The Life and Times of Harvey Milk
By Randy Shilts Our Price: $11.16. Save 20%.

Here are some of our other titles:

Confessions of a Jewish Wagnerite: Being Gay and Jewish in America: By Lawrence D. Mass.
Our Price: $14.36. You Save 30%.

A Gay Synagogue in New York: By Moshe Shokeid Our Price: $16.50.

Men With the Pink Triangle: The True, Life-And-Death Story of Homosexuals in the Nazi Death Camps:
By Heinz Heger, Kalus Muller, David Fernback: Our Price: $7.96. You Save 20%.

Hot Chicken Wings: By Jyl Lynn Felman: Our Price: $7.96. You Save 20%.

Nice Jewish Girls: A Lesbian Anthology: By Evelyn Torton Beck (Editor) : Our Price: $12.80. You Save 20%.

Twice Blessed: On Being Lesbian, Gay, and Jewish: By Christie Balka, Andy Rose (Editors):
Our Price: $12.80. You Save 20%.

Beyond the Pale: A Novel: By Nachman, Elana Dykewomon, Elana Dykewoman: Our Price: $12.76. You Save 20%.

The Escape Artist: A Novel: By Judith Katz : Our Price: $12.76. You Save 20%.

Dancing on Tisha B'Av: By Lev Raphael: Our Price: $7.16. You Save 20%.

Winter Eyes: By Lev Raphael: Our Price: $8.95.

Blood, Bread, and Poetry : Selected Prose 1979 -1985: By Adrienne Cecile Rich: Our Price: $8.76. You Save 20%.

The Tribe of Dina : A Jewish Women's Anthology: By Melanie Kaye, Kantrowitz Klepfisz, Irena Klepfisz (Editors): Our Price: $13.60. You Save 20%.

We Must Love One Another or Die: The Life and Legacies of Larry Kramer: By Lawrence D. Mass (Editor):
Our Price: $20.97. You save 30%.

A Letter to Harvey Milk : Short Stories: By Lawrence D. Mass (Editor): Our Price: $7.96. You save 20%.

Accepting Your Gay or Lesbian Child: By John Panel: Our Price: $6.96. You save 30%.

Before Stonewall: The Making of a Gay and Lesbian Community: By Andrea Weiss, Greta Schiller:
Our Price: $7.95. You save 20%.

And the Band Played On: Our price: $14.49 (Movie)

Philadelphia: Starring Tom Hanks Our price: $11.49 (Movie)

Torch Song Trilogy: Starring Harvey Firestein Our price: $19.49 (Movie)

One Nation Under G-d : Our price: $29.49 (Movie)

Diva: By Dana International (Winner 1998 Eurovision Song Contest) Our price: $8.74 You save 30% (CD)

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